In this section we show all the documents that we have written about Alqua. The quick menu on the left will provide access to different areas of this section.
Whether you want to know our methods of publication as the tools we use or a list of tips for writing scientific papers, you’ll find the information you need here.


The manifesto Alqua then describes the rationale and goals of the project. Guidelines for Free on Alqua Documents express what we mean by a free document Alqua.

Version 2.0, March 2003.

Origin and project goals

In 1999 we founded the Alqua project with the aim of promoting the creation of a fund of free scientific documents that allows anyone to learn freely.

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June 2
Tribuna Complutense, institutional UCM magazine with a circulation of 25,000 copies, published an interview (PDF) with Álvaro Tejero Cantero. In the picture you can see a lot of open books just waiting to be bound.

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